Company Overview

FlashPlays is the only fan engagement tool made by fans for teams. Initially created by four college students as a fun game to play while watching sports, FlashPlays became the largest real-time prediction game in the US with over 6,000 users per contest. Now, one year later, FlashPlays is being offered to sports teams as the premier way to activate their fans during matches and facilitate a loyalty journey throughout the season. 

Notable partners include the Miami Dolphins.​​​​​​​
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My Role: Chief Product Officer
As Chief Product Officer of FlashPlays Live, I am responsible for the entire design and innovation aspect of the company, including: product design, user experience design and graphic design. 

I was involve in every step of the product from conceptualization to implementation. I've taught myself to code in front-end languages and adopted paired programming with a software engineer, which allowed me to ensure the product's vision was implemented as how I've envisioned it. 

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