A wearable that measures a person’s blood sugar level through skin contact and is non-invasive. The design is intended for children with diabetes who no longer need to go through the painful finger-pricking to test their blood sugar levels. The central component is equipped with the glucose monitoring technology and can be worn with two accessories option: a bracelet or a necklace pendant.

This conceptual exploration is based on existing technology. Scientists at University of Bath in the UK have developed and successfully tested an electronic patch capable of measuring glucose from sweat without penetrating the skin. The skin patch has a tiny electronic pixel array made either via graphene-based thin-film or screen printing techniques. The patch is able to collect blood sugar levels through tiny amounts of glucose from hair follicles. The array then uses electric current to measure the amount of glucose in the drawn sample. 
Poster Design
A clamp that allows you to remove hot dishes out of the oven with one hand without touching the hot dish. 
Initial Sketches
Initial Sketches
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