An inflatable unit that can be manipulated and combined with other units to create different forms of furniture. The design is intended to reconfigure and transform limited living spaces.

Problem Statement

Migration from rural areas to urban cities have created a housing crisis in many Eastern cities. The population in these areas are growing, however the space remains the same. This means apartments are getting smaller and city's become denser. People living in micro-apartments struggle to use the small spaces for different living situations. 

In Hong Kong, there is a growing housing crisis dubbed as "Cage Homes". 500 square-foot apartments are divided into 16 square-foot cabins that are rented out for $170-$200 USD a week, these apartments can be up to 30 "cages" each. Since these apartments are filled beyond maximum capacity, the 16-square foot cabins act as a bedroom, dining room and living room. The only common space available are the small 1.5 foot-wide corridor for residents to walk from cabin to restroom. 
[1] Image and floor plan of a 'coffin home' in Hong Kong. Photographed by Benjamin Haas and illustrated by Rachel Suming from The Guardian
Prototype and Materials
[1] Haas, Benjamin. “My Week in Lucky House: the Horror of Hong Kong's Coffin Homes.” The Guardian, Guardian News and Media, 29 Aug. 2017,
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